Sealing Guides

Need help deciding what seals to choose? Take a look at our sealing guides:

Self Adhesive Sealing Guide
(PDF - 0.33mb)

Heat Sealing Guide
(PDF - 4.45mb)

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ISO7 Cleanrooms
With 3 Class 10,000 (ISO7) Cleanrooms, IST Scientific LLP demonstrates its ongoing commitment to the ever increasing demand for converting & manufacturing in controlled environments. IST Scientific LLP maintains its Cleanrooms to a high standard & in accordance with the ISO14698:2003 for bio-contamination monitoring. Operation of Cleanroom based on positive pressure airflow through HEPA filters:

  • Differential over-pressure level of 30pa above ambient
  • Airlocks for personnel and materials handling to allow access whilst maintaining pressure levels
  • Controlled access to operators with appropriate Cleanroom training and apparel
  • Integrity held by regular validation, maintenance and cleaning programmes in accordance with ISO 14644:1999