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Self Adhesive Sealing Guide
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Heat Sealing Guide
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PierceASeal Foil Super™ Heat Sealable Seal

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Pierceable foil seal with good solvent resistance.

Features: Foil, good solvent resistance (including DMSO), multiple sealing/re-sealing permissible, easy sealing surface identification, pierceable and peelable.
Compatibility: Polypropylene (PP), Polystyrene (PS) and Cyclo Olefin Copolymer (C.O.C)
Seal integrity range: -80°C to 80°C.
Application: PCR, compound storage, sample shipping.
Apply these Seals with the following Equipment:
* Efly, Kseal, 4s2
** Wasp, Thermo ALPS300/3000, Kube, Flexiseal, Chameleon, REMP (PHS)
*** Agilent VII Plateloc, REMP (LHS/SHS)

Product Code Pack App. Size
IST-115-078LR 1 Std LabRoll™ ** 610M x 78mm
IST-115-078SR 1 Sterile LabRoll™ ** 610M x 78mm
IST-115-115LR 1 VII Std LabRoll™ *** 500M x 115mm
IST-115-115SR 1 Sterile VII Std LabRoll™ *** 500M x 115mm
IST-115-078LS 100 Std LabSheet™ * 125mm x 78mm
IST-115-078SS 100 Sterile LabSheet™ * 125mm x 78mm
IST-115-078TR 1 Trial Roll 78mm Wide - 5M x 78mm
IST-115-115TR 1 Trial Roll 115mm Wide - 5M x 115mm
IST-115-078TS 5 Trial Sheets - 125mm x 78mm